The 5 Best NFL Home Town Travel Destinations

The 5 Best NFL Home Town Travel Destinations 

Posted: 6:18 pm Wednesday, January 31st, 2018

By tiannajg

We’re all concerned with rooting for the home team, but some of those other teams call great travel destinations home! Here’s some reasons why you should spend time checking out their cities, even if you don’t root for the team.



Denver is a great city. So great, in fact, it was voted the best US city to live in in 2016.

What is so great about Denver? Well it is surrounded by the Rocky Mountains. From every angle of the city it has gorgeous views. Denver is a big city that feels like a small town. Sure, it boosts a population of 200,000, but with the fresh mountain air and the views it feels like you’re right in the middle of nowhere. The areas just outside of Denver also have great hiking trails.

Even though the Rocky Mountains are home to Coors Light, Denver boasts some of the best craft brews around. Including a brewery themed after books! My kind of brewery.



New Orleans sells itself but if you need some encouragement I have it for you.

Want to party like its Mardi Gras 365 days a year? Look no further than Bourbon Street. It doesn’t matter what time of year it is Bourbon street is always lively. Whether you want to dance or listen to live music this is your place.

But spend your days immersing yourself in the interesting culture it has to offer.

Do a walking tour of the Garden District and check out some famous houses such as Anne Rice, the house from American Horror Story Coven – and even Sandra Bullock’s beautiful abode.

Eat beignets at the famous Café Du Monde and its competition, Café Beignet. You gotta try them both and compare!


You can also check out swamp tours and get close up with an alligator. If that isn’t your speed, head over to a plantation and see what life was like there hundreds of years ago.



Music City here you come! Nashville is the best city for live music and Broadway is filled with performers. Spend every night in a different bar listening to some of the best performers you have never heard of.

Check out music staples like the Grand Ole Opry or Ryman Auditorium and get to know country music like never before. Some of the greatest artists have taken the stage at these famous places; Johnny Cash, Dolly Parton, Reba McEntire to name just a few.

If music and museums are your thing then you have landed in the right place. For an extensive look at country music history check out the Country Music Hall of Fame or if your tastes are more specific the Johnny Cash Museum might be where you want to go.

There is loads of green space, Centennial park and even a replica of the Greek Parthenon.



Who doesn’t want to stroll down South Beach and take in the sun? Totally different then most of the other places on this list in consistent sunshine. Miami is known for it’s club and party scene. If you’re looking to get wild and forget your troubles head to Miami.

Spend your days strolling the boardwalk or laying out. Spend your nights eating at top notch restaurants and dancing the night away.

Immerse yourself in Cuban culture, or spend time eating in cafes or perusing cigars on Calle Ocho in Little Havana.

Miami might seem like another beach town but it has so much more to offer than that!




The windy city. Maybe don’t go in the winter, since it can be a bit brutal for new visitors. However, Chicago boasts some great art museums. Into impressionism? Then head over to the Chicago Art Institute. It has an impressive impressionism collection (See what I did there?)

Often considered America’s foremost architectural city. It is home to some pretty famous architects like Frank Lloyd Wright and structures like the Sears tower (formally the tallest building in the US) and the Bean!

Make sure to try a piece of their deep-dish pizza. I know this is the major draw to Chicago for me. Being from Long Island doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy other cities attempts at pizza. There’s always time for a taste test!

Have you been to any of these famous NFL cities? Do you have a favorite that isn’t listed?
It might be time to go, or go back!


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