5 Romantic Travel Destination You Never Heard of!

5 Romantic Travel Destination You Never Heard of! 

Posted: 9:21 pm Wednesday, February 7th, 2018

By tiannajg

Need some romantic inspiration for your next vacation? Here are a few off the beaten path locations that might inspire your next vacation with your significant other.



It is the new Greece. Everyone wants to go Greek Island hoping because it is beautiful but Croatia looks very similar and is a lot less crowded. Croatia has both the beach side towns and the medieval history. It is the perfect place for romance and daytime tours. You can learn the history and experience the culture and then head to the beach for some relaxing and pampering with your significant other.



 If there ever was a fairly tale city this is it.  It is a medieval town that never changed. Great for history buffs and a wonderful secluded place if you don’t want to spend it with the crowds in Brussels but still want to take in all that is Belgium. Stay at a Bed and Breakfast and stroll the streets for chocolate and Belgium beers. Check out classical Flemish art or climb the Belfry! This picture perfect town won’t let you down.



Brighton Beach

 A quirky beach town about an hour away from London. An entire amusement park right on the water. Brighton Pier has a famous fish and chips shop as well as a full on carnival at all times of the year. My favorite English palace, Royal Pavilion, is a short walk from the pier. Spend time exploring the inside as well as the gardens. It is a very unique palace as it has a Indian style architecture. With so much to do it is easy to stay occupied and enjoy what this town has to offer with someone who has an adventurous spirit. Make sure you go in the summer as the weather will be better for the beach and the boardwalk will be alive.



 One of many islands in the Philippines. This one is way more quiet then the well-known Boracay. Filled with tourists and party goers. Palawan is a bit more off the beaten path. It is beautiful and serene. No worries of wild parties. It has lovely resorts and quiet cabins to relax in. The Philippines is so cheap it is a great place to hole up with someone who you want to spend some alone time with and not break the bank. Get some hiking in or relax by the beach.





 Everyone wants to go to Paris for romance. It is the city of love after all. I say head to Nantes instead. Located in the northern part of France, in the region of Brittany, this is an underrated city. Nantes is full of beautiful parks and art. It has great food markets and wonderful night life. Brittany has some great vineyards as well as coastal hotels. It is perfect if you want the French touch but don’t want the busy city of Paris. Nantes is much smaller and easy to get around. Paris can be daunting.



What is your dream romantic destination?



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