Why Montreal Should be Your Winter Weekend Getaway!

Why Montreal Should be Your Winter Weekend Getaway! 

Posted: 3:17 pm Wednesday, February 14th, 2018

By tiannajg

Want a break from Long Island but don’t want to break the bank? Want to travel to another country and experience a new culture but don’t have the time to go far? I have the answer for you! Montreal!

Quick Flight
I took an American Airlines flight to Montreal in December. The flight cost me less than 150 round trip and the flight is about an hour long. You can be immersed in a different culture before lunch.


Feels like Europe
Montreal feels a lot like Europe just with out the time change or distance. They speak French and their culture is heavily influenced by both French and English. However most people speak English as well. So it is easy to get around and communicate. Take a historical walking tour and find out about why Montreal has so many cultural influences.
Don’t bother renting a car. Stay near the city center and most things are walkable. But don’t worry about what isn’t because Montreal has a a metro and an easy to navigate bus system


The first thing that comes to mind when I think about Montreal is art. It is quite an artsy city. They have loads of small play houses in both French and English. They have a great art museum. But if you are looking to spend less on activities ( and more on food!) then just walk around the city. Their are art installations everywhere. Paintings on buildings, sculptures to admire. Don’t miss “Cine Memior”. All over the city are projection movies that you can watch. You can download the app and listen to them on your phone.

Notre Dame

The city has it’s own mini Notre Dame. It is beautiful to look at and you can go to a wonderful light show in the evenings. In honor of Canada’s 150th anniversary there is an on going light show inside the cathedral that is a must see!

I took a food tour to get acquainted with the local cuisine. I obviously knew I would want to eat as much poutine as possible but there was so much to experience in Montreal. I had no idea that bagels were such a big deal there. Being from New York they just kept telling me how much better their bagels were and they were not wrong. The bagels were so good.

Local Montreal gave a great tour and I highly reccomend taking one of theirs if you would like to get to know the city thru food.
Another don’t miss is Juliet y Chocolat. It specializes in hot chocolate but you can get a wonderful variety of desserts and a hearty breakfast.


Spending a long weekend in Montreal is a great quick getaway! Easy to get to and not expensive.

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