Paris Hilton Talks True Love, Her Finance, And Giving Back!

Paris Hilton Talks True Love, Her Finance, And Giving Back! 

Posted: 10:14 am Monday, February 26th, 2018

By Staff

By Chanel Omari

Paris Hilton is back with new music and we’re loving every minute of it! Watch her new single “I Need You” below. (It’s music video directed by her fiance, Chris Zylka, who also stars in one of our favorite shows, The Leftovers on HBO.)

Watch as Paris beams about her new music, finding true love, dressing up as Kim Kardashian West and more!

Paris said “I feel like they don’t make (my) kind of music anymore. I went in to the studio and just wrote a song about what love feels like, what the perfect man is and how much you need them. Just the feeling of love and really capturing it. I really wanted to make a love song that people can relate to, play at their wedding or anniversary, every Valentines Day.”

She has found a man who supports her and loves her unconditionally, and that’s the best kind of love we should all seek out in the perfect man!

“He’s my best friend, hes my other half, hes so loyal. Hes like an angel. I feel like god sent him to me to rescue me from Hollywood and all these bad guys because its really hard to find someone in this industry that you can trust, who loves you for you and doesn’t have any ulterior motives and with him I know it’s pure, unconditional love.”

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