The 15 Greatest Demi Lovato Songs

The 15 Greatest Demi Lovato Songs 

Posted: 1:31 pm Friday, March 9th, 2018

By taylormilano

Demi Lovato is the girl we all wished was our best friend. I mean, she just seems like the type of person that would be a blast to go out with or even just have a girls night in with. She’s relatable, very open about her struggles, and did I mention she’s insanely talented?

Her “Tell Me You Love Me Tour” has just kicked off and is already getting amazing reviews. Demi is an amazing performer, and her songs have only gotten better so I have no doubt that this tour will be her best to date.

From her Disney days to now, Demi is known for putting out pretty awesome hits. But which ones top the rest?

15. “Here We Go Again” (2009)

This was the anthem of my high school days dealing with dumb boys, and it is still so relatable. My girl nailing it on the head from day one.

14. “Sexy Dirty Love” (2017)

Demi’s newest album is all sorts of amazing and very different from her passed albums. “Sexy Dirty Love” is super catchy, and arguably one of the best songs on the new album.

13. “Don’t Forget” (2008)

We’re taking it way back for this one. “Don’t Forget” was the title of Demi’s first album, and the song was easily the best one on there.

12. “Really Don’t Care” (2013)

This song is just so catchy, I can’t stand it. And the music video is so much fun. It’ll be stuck in your head for days.

11. “Body Say” (2016)

Demi is extremely body positive, and it is a huge part of her message of self love. So this song is the perfect representation of what she’s all about.

10. “Only Forever” (2017)

If you watched her YouTube documentary, you got to get a sneak peek of her recording this song, and it was everything. It’ll make you love it that much more. (PS if you haven’t seen the documentary, go watch it NOW)

9. “Give Your Heart A Break” (2011)

This song puts me in such a happy mood. This was a very early Demi sound, but it was still so, so good.

8. “Neon Lights” (2013)

In my opinion, this song is extremely underrated. It’s SO good, and needs to get more attention for being so good.

7. “Skyscraper” (2013)

This was the first single to be released on her “Unbroken” album, and it was the perfect choice. This was the album to be released during her recovery period, and it was amazing.

6. “Cool For The Summer” (2015)

“Cool For The Summer” was when we really got to see “sexy” Demi. The Demi we didn’t know we needed. Not only is it a great song, but it introduced us to the Demi we know and love today.

5. “Heart Attack” (2013)

Part of her comeback (both in life and in music) this song came out at the perfect time. It was a different sound and the world loved it.

4. “Tell Me You Love Me” (2017)

There’s a reason her tour and album is named after this song. The music video, the song, the everything. It’s. So. Good.

3. “Stone Cold” (2015)

Without a doubt her most vulnerable song, “Stone Cold” is gorgeous and raw. And it really REALLY shows off Demi’s singing chops (not like we needed any reassurance that she’s an incredible singer).

2. “Sorry Not Sorry” (2017)

First of all, this song is SO SO SO good. Second of all, it was the perfect choice as her first single off “Tell Me You Love Me.” It’s SO good. I cannot stress that enough.

1. “Confident” (2015)

If there was ever a more “Demi Lovato” song, it’s “Confident”. This is everything that Demi embodies, and whenever it’s on, I feel like I can do anything. This should be every girls anthem. Come on, you don’t feel like you can conquer the world and just wanna strut your stuff when this comes on through your radio? I know I do.

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