Happy Birthday Adam Levine! Here’s 10 Reasons To Love The “Maroon 5” Lead Singer

Happy Birthday Adam Levine! Here’s 10 Reasons To Love The “Maroon 5” Lead Singer 

Posted: 1:53 pm Thursday, March 15th, 2018

By taylormilano

March 18th, 2018 marks the 39th birthday of one of the most talented and beautiful humans to ever walk the planet. Yes, it is Adam Levine’s birthday, and it should be celebrated by all.

There are so many reasons to love this swoon-worthy celeb. From his abs to his voice to his personality. Did I mention his abs? He went from only being known as the lead singer of this small band…you may have heard of them, Maroon 5? And now look at him. A judge on The Voice and one of the most successful artists in Hollywood. Let’s celebrate his day of birth in the most proper way possible- by going over what it is about this amazing man that makes him so amazing.

1.IHe can sing. Like really sing.


2. He is the best judge on The Voice.

3. Speaking of The Voice, him and Blake Shelton’s bromance is everything.

4. His tattoos. Oh, his tattoos.

5. He not only sings, but he also plays the piano, guitar and drums.

6. He writes a lot of Maroon 5’s songs.

7. Have you ever seen him in a white t-shirt?

8. Do we not remember when he showed up on Ellen to meet his biggest fan? How could you not fall in love?


9. He adores his family, and is probably the best looking dad out there.

10. He looks his best when his shirt is off. I mean…come on.


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