Long Island’s Insta Queen Jen Selter: How To Get Your Body BLI SUMMER JAM Ready!

Long Island’s Insta Queen Jen Selter: How To Get Your Body BLI SUMMER JAM Ready! 

Posted: 8:57 pm Friday, March 30th, 2018

By Staff

By Chanel Omari

She’s conquered the world of social media, reaching over 33 million followers globally, creating the title and trend Belfie queen, lifestyle and fitness expert, Jen Selter is focused on changing the way millions of millennial’s view themselves through the lens of fitness, lifestyle and fashion.

It wasn’t always easy for this young Instagram star. The Belfie queen dishes to us how it feels to be at this point in her career despite all the obstacles she had to face and dark places she had to overcome to get to her happy place.

A Long Island native, from Roslyn, and only 24 making the Forbes list and creating an influential and motivating platform for women of all shapes and sizes, inspiring us all to be our best selves, which us ladies all can use a little more of!



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She is now partnering up with ION Collection sold on starshop.com, which is a leisure-wear jewelry collection of customization bracelets that can be personalized with a special message like Selter’s favorite, “Never Give Up,” and the mantra that has motivated her to overcome any obstacles from the get-go and achieve her fitness dreams!

Spring’s coming up and Selter gives us tips on how to get the secret Jen Selter beach/BLI Summer Jam concert body ready, her work out plans, collaboration with Lele Pons, and how important women empowerment is, and we are loving every minute of it.

Ladies, if you want in on the cool bracelets, we are giving a 15% off discount code: JENxION

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