5(Don’t Miss) Things in Orlando that have nothing to do with Disney

5(Don’t Miss) Things in Orlando that have nothing to do with Disney 

Posted: 3:02 pm Thursday, April 19th, 2018

By tiannajg

Summer Jam artist the Backstreet Boys were formed in Orlando, Fl. way back in 1993. Obviously, Orlando is famous for a few other things too. I know when I go I usually head to Disney or Universal. But Orlando has so much more to offer. That is why the last time I was there I concentrated on doing some stuff outside of the ordinary.



I am sure when you think of Orlando you don’t think beer, you probably think Mickey Mouse. But Orlando is home to some pretty cool breweries. The most well known is Sea Dog. The place is a brew pub, so it serves up some great seafood dishes. Or check out some smaller places with great vibes like Dead Lizard Brewing Co. or Black Cauldron Tap Room.


Spend a day with nature

Last time I was in Orlando I had a wedding at Henry P Lue Gardens. It was a lovely outdoor wedding in the garden with a string orchestra. However, you don’t need to be attending a wedding to enjoy this place. The paths are tree lined and the ground are about 50 acres. It is a great way to spend an afternoon outside of the busy parks.


Shopping and Recreation

I did not stay on Disney property for the first time since I was a kid. I stayed close to Universal but in a small hotel. We spent a day walking from outlet mall to outlet mall. I got some great deals on sneakers I needed for the park. We found inexpensive dining at Sweet Tomatoes, a buffet place that focuses on salads, and even got in a round of mini golf at Pirate’s Cove Mini Golf.


Downtown Disney or Universal City Walk

I know I said no Disney or Universal, but these are without the entry fees. Both have full days’ worth of activities. Whether you want to catch a movie or go bowling you can. Both are quite large, and a lot of time can be spent window shopping and strolling around. Both offer loads of dining or drinking.

Try Other Parks

There are so many amusement parks to visit in Orlando may has well try a different one for a more unique experience.


Gatorland : get up close and personal with reptiles. Zip line over alligators, catch a snake show, or gator wrestling. They have it all.

Legoland: a good day trip from Orlando. Replicated Lego worlds and a waterpark!

Weeki Wachee Springs: A 2 hour drive from Orlando but also a fun day trip. Check out “real” mermaids as they perform daily and have access to the water park. Much cheaper than any in Orlando with unique Mermaid shows.



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