3 Great German Cities to Check Out

3 Great German Cities to Check Out 

Posted: 1:58 pm Thursday, April 26th, 2018

By tiannajg

This week’s showcased BLI Summer Jam artist is Zedd. Where is Zedd from? Well he was born in Russia but moved to Germany at just 4 years old. Since he spent most of his life in Germany I figured we could focus on Deutschland.



I have been to Germany twice and loved it since before I went. I had been really into WWII history which is how I got interested in visiting. Early on in my travels I made it a point to go.

Here are a few of my favorite German cities!




Not just one of my favorite German cities but also one of my favorite cities of all time. Berlin does not feel like the rest of Germany. Maybe because for a long time it did not have a firm German identity. After WWII it was split between East and West ruled by the US and by Russians. The aftermath of that has created an artsy, punk kind of feel to it.

Try to find German food somewhere in the city and you will see what I mean. The city is a melting pot of cultures. It is steam punk and art squats. It embraces its history with some wonderful museums on things like Checkpoint Charlie but also discards it. Most places built by the Nazi’s were torn down and Hitler’s bunker was buried and covered.



Maybe you wouldn’t think about Nuremburg if you were planning a trip to Germany, but I think you should. Obviously known for the Nazi trials, it is home to the famous rallying grounds and houses a very well down museum dedicated to the trails and more.

However, this city is so much more. I recommend visiting in the late fall or winter. The city is home to a spectacular Christmas market that goes for months. While I was there in October the market was in full swing.

Nuremburg is the birthplace of gingerbread. At the market you can get it in many forms. My personal favorite? A large, soft cookie dipped in chocolate!




I love Munich for the exact opposite reason that I love Berlin. Munich is EXACTLY what you think of when you think of Germany. The capital of Bavaria does not disappoint. Whether you are on a quest for the perfect sausage and boot of beer or searching for lederhosen you will find it here.

The Hofbrau House’s original location (which is now replicated even on Long Island) is right in the heart of the city not far from the famous Glockenspiel(clock).

One of the city’s largest draws is Oktoberfest which is from late September to early October. It is a giant carnival with large beer tents. The city fills with tourists as the locals flee. It is a once in a lifetime experience but make sure you book early.

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