Why Don’t We…Go To L.A.

Why Don’t We…Go To L.A. 

Posted: 5:55 pm Thursday, May 3rd, 2018

By tiannajg

BLI Summer Jam artist Why Don’t We formed in Los Angeles. Often considered NYC’s rival (we all know NYC is better) LA is not my favorite city but there are still some great neighborhoods and must sees.


I have been to LA a few times and have compiled a list of things that I think you should check out if you ever find yourself on the other coast.


I love movies and I love pop culture. Going to the walk of fame was exciting for me. Looking at all the hand prints and stars was so cool! Even though it is super touristy and very crowded it is a must see for any movie lover.


Check out some movie studios!

Following thru with my love for all things Hollywood I set out to explore some studios. Starting with Warner Brothers. It was a thrill to sit on the couch in Central Perk and being a part of the “Friends” set, seeing where Stars Hollow (“Gilmore Girls”) and so much more. It is surreal to see how these sets made of fake backdrops and small areas look larger then life on the screen

Universal studios is also a great choice doubling as theme park you can do a backlot tour and see sets for classics like “Psycho” and then jump on the new “Transformers” ride. I really love Universal Studios to me the atmosphere is exciting.


Griffith Observatory

You can hike up or you can drive. It is an observatory and planetarium. Great views of the Hollywood sign. Best part? The grounds and building are always free. It is a super unique experience in LA.


Santa Monica

My favorite area to stay in is Santa Monica. I stayed in a hostel a few blocks from the beach on a pedestrian street. The area is super hip. It has great shops and restaurants all within walking distance. It is always lively, and the nightlife is cool. They also have the pier by the same name which boasts an entire carnival on it.



A smaller version of Disney World in Florida it has two parks. Disney Land and California Adventure. Easy to finish in a day or expand into a two-day park hopper. It offers different rides then the other park which is exciting if you are familiar with Disney World.


Obviously I have to include something about dessert. Ice cream is my favorite food group after all. Wanderlust creamery now has a few locations, but I went to the one on Ventura Blvd. This ice cream place is a must eat. All flavors are inspired by countries or states and made from ingredients of that area! It is a cool concept and combines my love of travel with my love of ice cream.


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