Why Don’t We Meet The Boys of “Why Don’t We”?

Why Don’t We Meet The Boys of “Why Don’t We”? 

Posted: 3:31 pm Wednesday, May 9th, 2018

By taylormilano

Boy bands are a rare comodity nowadays (which is a really sad thing, not gonna lie) so when a new boy band shows up, I can’t help but comletley obsess over them and find out if they can have my heart like *NSYNC and Backstreet Boys have had for years.

I heard about this band of boys called Why Don’t We and I was instantly falling in love. Their music is super catchy, they have their own unique sound, and they are adorable as ever. You can say I’m very excited to see them this summer at BLI Summer Jam! So without further ado, why don’t we meet the boys of Why Don’t We? (see what I did there?)


Zach Herron

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The youngest member was born in Dallas, Texas, and besides being apart of Why Don’t We, he also has a solo single called “Timelapse” that was released in January 2016. Before fame, he received honors for being a member in his high school choir, and he went viral for singing a cover of Shawn Mendes’ “Stitches”. It generated over 10 million views in a week! That’s pretty impressive if you ask me.


Jonah Marais

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A Minnesota native, Jonah also has a few solo hits such as “War Paint” and “Take You Home Tonight”. Before Why Don’t We released their deput EP in June 2017, he gained recognition for posting videos on platforms such as YouNow, which catapulted him in social media stardom, appearing at major events such as Digitour with social media stars such as Cameron Dallas and Nash Grier.

Jack Avery

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He’s a Cali boy through and through, and has some serious skills on the piano and the guitar…and of course, he has the voice of an angel. Before he was signed within the music industry and a member of Why Don’t We, he played basketball and went on a social media tour with IMPACT in 2016. Jack was even cast in a film called “Fearless Five”! This boy can really do it all.

Daniel Seavey

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If Daniel looks familiar to you, that’s because he was one of the fan favorites on the 14th season of American Idol! Yes, you read that right. All the way from Vancouver, Washington, he began falling in love with music at the young age of seven. His father used to travel with him to Portland so he can play on the street for art walks. After Idol he became a member of Why Don’t We and the rest is history.

Corbyn Besson

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The other Texan in the group, Corbyn also had his hand in solo work with his single “The Only One”. He received his first guitar when he was 12 and immediately knew that he wanted a career in music…and that’s exactly what he did! Corbyn found himself as a member of Why Don’t We, and touring the country on the “Something Different Tour”. Like his other band members, he began his career on YouNow and gained over 100,000 followers. These boys are not only incredibly talented musicians, they’re social media legends!


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