7 Great Amusement Parks to Visit in PA

7 Great Amusement Parks to Visit in PA 

Posted: 2:14 pm Thursday, May 17th, 2018

By tiannajg

BLI Summer Jam Artist Marshmello hails from Philadelphia. Well I just did a post on Philly but since spring is here and summer is rapidly approaching it is amusement park season. Pennsylvania has some great ones. Most are an easy driving distance from Long Island.

So jump in your car, blast the latest Marshmello tune (or just put on the BLI app!) and head to one of these places!



Penned as the “largest free admission amusement park” is perfect for the family. Pick and choose the rides you want to go on or just get a bracelet. Those who don’t want to ride can relax by the pool or play golf on the course. They offer accommodations ranging from Bed and Breakfasts to Campgrounds. This place is great for any budget.


This place has a full amusement park and water park on its grounds. The admission price is a steal at only 30 dollars for an all-day pass to both parks. What sets this place aside from other parks? It is known for its great selection of food focusing on Italian. Everything is made daily and there are loads of choices.


Sesame Street

This park is obviously named after the famous TV show. Just like Disney you can do character meet and greets character dining as well. Better for people with small children but kids of all ages will enjoy this water/amusement park combo. They have a variety of parades and shows thru out the day and offer dining packages as well.

Dutch Wonderland

Boasting over 35 rides and cabanas to relax in for the day it is easy to make a vacation out of this trip. Located in Lancaster there is way more to do in the area. Spend a day at the park and then enjoy the surrounding area in Amish country. Shopping in stores with locally made products and eating at places with locally sourced food.



The largest indoor water park is inside a resort that also provides authentic African safaris all in the heart of the Pocono Mountains. Do you need this sentence dissected? Kalahari is a beautiful resort in the mountains that comes with a water park! Also, the resort is African inspired. From the decorations to the food you can find the inspiration everywhere for a truly unique experience in Pennsylvania!

Dorney Park

Located in Allentown which is a 3 hour drive from Long Island is a pretty decent size water/amusement park combo. For only 40 dollars for a daily admission ticket and Dorney Park offers a lot of thrill rides and coasters perfect for adults and families to enjoy.


Hershey Park

In my opinion the best amusement park outside of Disney/Universal. Probably because it is themed around chocolate. Hershey is more than just an amusement park. It is giant and offers lots of options and enough for a weekend away. They have chocolate themed hotels and luxury spas or discount hotels for those on a budget. They have a chocolate factory ride which you don’t even need to pay park admissions for. They often have holiday themed parties. Not to mention how much stuff there is to do in the area. Breweries, zoos and much more.

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