Best Things to do in London

Best Things to do in London 

Posted: 9:07 am Wednesday, May 30th, 2018

By tiannajg

BLI Summer Jam artist Dua Lipa grew up in London. A city that has grown on me over the years. I have now been four times. Every time I go I love it a little more. What’s on my must do list? Check it out.



Take a cycle tour with Tally Ho!

Sure you could walk around London or take the tube. But you could get on a bike and see all the best sites by pedal! It was one of my favorite bike tours I ever did. Since London is a mostly flat city it is easy to bike around even for people who barely get on bikes. Not to mention how cute are these bikes?


Brick lane and a graffiti tour

It wasn’t until the last time I was in London that I took a graffiti tour. The famous graffiti artist, Banksy, has tags all over the city and the tour I took showed us a lot of his work as well as many other interesting pieces. Brick lane is a cool place to hang out after checking out the art. One side is all coffee shops and vintage shops then you cross over into Little India. They say it is the largest number of Indian restaurants in one area outside of India. The food is amazing!


 See a show at the Globe

If you like theater, then head to Shakespeare headquarters. Not the original building but the shows are still worthy. Pay for a seat or stand like a commoner. The shows change continually so check them out before you go

 Go to Harry Potter Studios

My biggest regret is that I did not have time to do this yet. A true treat for any Potter fan. It has sets, props and costumes to check out. Spend a day fulfilling all your Hogwarts fantasies.


 Check out a free museum

London is not a cheap city. Be prepared to shell out pounds for accommodation, food and other activities but not on museums. Most of London’s best museums are free to wander thru. It is a great break from the weather and a way to save on activities.


 Go inside the Tower of London

This is my favorite thing to do in London. It is a fortified castle right by the London bridge. Home to Henry VIII, my favorite English monarch, this place has all the history you could ever want. Take a guided tour by an English Beefeater or wander at your own leisure. It has British jewels on display as well as torture chambers and military outfits. It houses multiple museums inside. I love history and this place is full of it.


 Visit Camden Market

Easily the best food market in London. Over 50 stalls of various cuisines, eating here once is not enough. Take food breaks to peruse the vintage shops and crafts!

 Take a day trip to Brighton

Easily my favorite day trip from London. In warmer weather it’s the perfect beach trip. With its multi colored houses and hipster coffee places it is perfectly Instagram-able city. It has a boardwalk and amusement park right on the water as well as my favorite palace in England, The Royal Pavilion. The most unique palace I have ever been in.





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