Spend the Day in Montauk

Spend the Day in Montauk 

Posted: 3:05 pm Thursday, June 21st, 2018

By tiannajg

Take a day trip to Montauk

Montauk is a great answer for a weekend trip. Of course, you might need to book a room early if you want to stay out there. When I tried the rooms were quite pricey. So, I looked on Airbnb and found a cute room not too far away in the Hamptons and just spent the day in Montauk.



Make the drive part of the trip!

It takes a about 2 hours to drive to Montauk from central Long Island. But you can make it take a full day. There are so many wonderful things to stop at.

Make a pit stop at the Flanders Duck!


Check out a farmer’s market or local farm. They are everywhere and as you drive you will see hand made signs telling you to check out produce, pies and even homemade beer.

Stop at a winery…or two. The south fork is dotted with so many great wineries. I personally love Baiting Hollow Winery. It doubles as a horse rescue and some of the wine proceeds go to the care for the horses. They also have great cheese plates and live music!



What do you when you are there?

 Montauk has so much to do! Obviously go out to the lighthouse. Even if you don’t pay to go inside you can walk along the beach close to it and enjoy the view.

Take a hike in Heather Hills! Or camp on the beach. But get those spots early they book up quick.

Go to the Montauk Brewery and try a tasting! Sit in the sun or hang in the shade and try everything they have on tap.


Take a sunset catamaran cruise.

Choose a trendy restaurant to end your night! Personally, I love Tacombi a relatively new Mexican place on the main street.


What are your favorite things to do in Montauk

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