5 Awesome Long Island Spots You MUST Go To This Summer!

5 Awesome Long Island Spots You MUST Go To This Summer! 

Posted: 7:03 pm Friday, July 27th, 2018

By ovictoria

None of us want to have a boring summer…like those words should be simply go together! I created a short list of some of my favorite sports on the island that can bring any weekday or weekend to an absolute 10 out of 10!

Who doesn’t love an outdoor show with 15,000 of your closest friends? Jones Beach Amphitheater is one of my all time favorite venues as an artist AND as a fan! I’ve shared the stage with artists like Miley Cyrus, Flo Rida, and MAX. I’ve even cheered from my seat for Train, Journey, and Heart! There’s nothing like a live show, and there’s nothing like an OUTDOOR live show! You have to go to a concert at Jones Beach to truly experience a Long Island summer!

Jones Beach (2)

One of my favorite spots to hit on evenings with my friends is the Witches Brew! They have everything from coffee to hot chocolate, pretzels, and cake! The coolest thing about this spot is the decor! You’re going to Snapchat your entire experience, I promise you!









13103354_10206160255911126_6372582021256843332_n.jpgIt’s the weekend and you’re just trying to go out and have an awesome night! Something worth talking about on Monday! For me, I’d consider THE place to be the AM Southampton Night Club. Make sure to dress well because you’re bound to get photographed by paparazzi as celebrities come rolling through!

Montauk Brewery is a great place to go with the whole family! You can enjoy and sample the different and special edition beers, if you’re 21+ of course! The kids can enjoy the awesome scenery, outdoors, and maybe even get a behind the scenes tour of how this once small and local brewery became worldwide!

The Paramount is another one of my favorite venues…ever! There isn’t a bad seat in the main ballroom, and they get some of the biggest touring acts in the world from comedy, magic, and music! But one of the coolest parts about The Paramount is their “Founder’s Room.” Located downstairs at the Huntington location, this exclusive club is open to members only and it’s SO worth becoming one! The place is set up to take you back in time and make you feel like you’re in an actual speakeasy! Incredible place to relax and enjoy music, food, drinks, and company!

What is your favorite spot on Long Island? Tweet me your experience @nicktangorra!

-Nick Tangorra

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