Cheap Weekend Getaway to Atlantic City

Cheap Weekend Getaway to Atlantic City 

Posted: 1:44 pm Thursday, August 9th, 2018

By tiannajg

Atlantic City is about a 3-hour drive (beware of traffic!) from Long Island. It is a great weekend getaway. Summer or winter. I have been a few times and generally go in the low season or colder months but this time we booked a trip for August.

Here are a few summer tips for going in the high season!

Leave late

To make the most of your weekend and to avoid needing any time off work, leave late on a Friday. Traffic is usually done by 7p. We left then and made it to AC in barely 3 hours. We even stopped to use the restroom.

Stay off the strip!

We booked the Sheraton which is less than a mile off the strip. The walk to the boardwalk was about 15 minutes. An Uber or Taxi costs about 10 bucks to farther down the strip or if you don’t want to walk. The price for off the strip hotels is nearly half of what it costs to stay on the boardwalk.



We brought our own drinks and food to the hotel. Breakfast at the hotel cost about 15 bucks. We brought granola bars and yogurt for much less and the room provides free coffee.

Bring your own alcohol. It will save you so much money. We had some drinks before we set out for the night and I wound up buying only one drink.

Snacks in the room are always a good idea for either when you are back from a late night or if you are just lounging around. The vending machines or store in the hotels can be pricey.


Outdoor bars

Why would you go to the beach in the summer and go to indoor bars? Beats me. Not to mention the indoor clubs ranged between 20-30 dollars just to enter. The beach bars we went to were only 5 dollars for the entrance fee.

Also Friday nights still have drink specials. We were not even spending 5 bucks on a drink.

The beach bars all had DJ’s and were filled with people. The ambiance is way better! We get such a short summer period here why not take advantage?


Utilize the beach

The boardwalk is long and a great to explore. Check out the many shops and even the amusement rides. After settle in the sand for some relaxing beach time. You can occupy your whole day for the cost of lunch. No need to spend much money!


What are you waiting for? Pack your bag!

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