Posted: 7:29 pm Friday, August 10th, 2018

By ovictoria

Shane Dawson has always been known to provide fun weekly content on YouTube since joining the site in September 2005… However, in the past couple of weeks Shane Dawson has taken the entire world by storm. With his 3 part feature on TanaCon trying to publicly address all that went wrong on all sides with the planning of this failed social media convention and his latest 5 part series starring Jeffree Starr… Shane has been providing something to audiences that lately major television networks have struggled to deliver… quality.

His videos aren’t just 5 little videos that took 20 minutes to film and edit, Shane’s videos take weeks of brainstorming, planning, filming, and editing to create a perfect product on a consistent basis. With over 16 MILLION subscribers (and counting) and over 4 BILLION views… Shane Dawson is a superstar who is destined for greatness!

This is a channel we HIGHLY recommend, but with caution because his videos are addicting and you may just stare into your computer all day. So maybe clear your schedule first.. Just to be safe!

-Nick Tangorra

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