Explore Lehigh Valley,PA

Explore Lehigh Valley,PA 

Posted: 3:46 pm Thursday, August 30th, 2018

By tiannajg


When planning a quick getaway maybe you don’t think of Le High Valley, PA. From Long Island is about a 2 hour drive. Perfect for an over night stay! There is loads to do in the area or just spend a weekend relaxing.


Explore Historic Bethlehem

One of my favorite things to do is just wander around the streets of Bethlehem. The old university and buildings are beautiful. Generally, the surrounding areas of main street are peaceful. The main street has tons of trendy places to eat and drink. If you want to splurge on hotel stay check out the Bethlehem Hotel. Built in the late 1700’s and supposedly haunted it is a beautiful place to stay or just grab some ice cream in the lobby!


Steel Stacks or Sands

Take in a show, play some tables or find a place to eat. Sands is a little bit more a traditional resort and casino. You can stay on the grounds or just hang out for the day or evening. The Steel Stacks is a abandoned, renovated steel mill. The outside is steam punk and the inside is a modern casino, event space also with restaurants, shops and a food court. Just going to check out what it looks like is interesting enough.


Check out some libations

Le High Valley has a great beer trail. You can check out a giant like Sam Adams or a ton of craft breweries. Spend your day sipping thru the vineyards and relaxing in or outdoors. They also have loads of distilleries to choose from as well as a meadery! A lot of these places offer food choices or live music you can spend a whole afternoon in one or create your own tour.


Hiking and Camping

The Appalachian Trail runs thru the area giving you many trails to take. Check out Hawk Mountain for a great day hike with panoramic views of, well, everything! The Jacobsberg Environmental Center is another great place to explore offering lots of biking, hiking, fishing and more.

There are loads of local campgrounds that offer everything from tent spots to RV hookups. If you are looking to spend the weekend in the woods with nature you won’t have to look that hard.

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