Jackson, Wyoming: Your New Vacation Spot

Jackson, Wyoming: Your New Vacation Spot 

Posted: 4:20 pm Friday, September 7th, 2018

By tiannajg

Maybe flying all the way to Wyoming seems like a lot. And maybe it is. But you will never see anything like it! When you land you are in the middle of a National Park, the only airport inside one. The city has some real gems and exploring the mountains is amazing!



You can’t go to Jackson and go to Yellowstone. It is over 3,500 square miles of forest! Filled with some iconic sights like Old Faithful and the Grand Prismatic. You could spend a week in the park and not cover all of it. If you want to stay inside the park and not camp, you can book a room in The Old Faithful Lodge but do it early because this place books up a year in advance.

I got to see a grizzly bear up close as well as loads of Elk! The wildlife was the main draw for me.


Grand Tetons

This mountain range has some intense hikes. It is one of the highest in the US. In the winter it is a skiing hot spot, in the summer you can go on safari’s and check out the wildlife. I saw so many Buffalo. These animals are massive and remarkable up close.


Spend Some Time on a Ranch

I spent a week on a dude ranch before exploring the parks and town of Jackson. It was an interesting experience. Red Rock Ranch is nestled in a valley about an hour from the town of Jackson. No cell service, no internet, a great way to really disconnect. I rode horses, went hiking, learned how to fly fish, swam and ate some of the most delicious meals of my life.

I had no inclination prior to this to spend time on a ranch but now I would recommend it to anyone!

Explore Jackson

With all the things to do around Jackson it would be easy to not make time for the town itself. Don’t! It is easy to occupy your time in town.

The town can be pricey to load up on free or cheap activities!

Every night they do a free shoot out in the town square. It is a fifteen-minute reenactment of a gun battle. Super cute!

Four days a week the History Museum leads a free hour and a half walking tour from the main square. Totally worth taking to familiarize yourself with the area.

Go to the rodeo. They have it a few nights a week and tickets are cheap. I went and enjoyed myself.

The History Museum and the Native American Museum are very inexpensive, just a couple of dollars, a great way to escape the elements and learn something.



There are loads of great dining choices. I had the best steak of my life at Local and some great ice cream at Moo’s. I am always on the hunt for a great meal and a night that ends in ice cream. There was not enough time for me to check out all of the dining scene, but some highlights were Café Genevieve and the newly opened Jackson Drug which used to operate as a pharmacy.

I do recommend heading into the iconic Million Dollar Cowboy bar to sit on their saddle barstools. If you are in to craft beer then spend an evening at Snake River Brewing.

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