Back To School Style Tips!

Back To School Style Tips! 

Posted: 3:12 pm Friday, September 7th, 2018

By ovictoria

Back to school gives people tons of stress about school and sleep, but what about style? For me… I make sure I look good even if I’m headed to the grocery store to pick up milk.. I mean you never know the cashier could end up being your future wife!!!!!! Anyway it seems like there’s just so many rules.. no white after Labor Day! No shoes no shirt no service I mean COME ON! But have no fear… the fashion forward nick is here! To tell you… just be yourself!

Here are some style tips I religiously follow (DISCLAIMER: not written by Dr. Seuss!!)

On a run? Put it in a bun!

Hair’s a little flat? Tuck it in a HAT!!

Skinny jeans or sweatpants…there is NO in-between.

Flannel with denim jeans paired with suede boots… you’re BOUND to be SEEN!

If you’re in a rush, just grab your dad’s flannel laying around, jeans, and some converse. You’ll stand out in a sea full of flannel.

Style is subjective – but here is my one key piece of advice… don’t wear a tracksuit that says Juicy on the butt. That’s it.

-Nick Tangorra


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