Eminem Returns With “Kamikaze” , Brings Back The Real Slim Shady

Eminem Returns With “Kamikaze” , Brings Back The Real Slim Shady 

Posted: 6:24 pm Friday, September 7th, 2018

By Staff

By Chanel Omari

Eminem is back with a new vibe and we are loving every minute of it.

Eminem’s new album, “Kamikaze” is bringing back the real slim shady at his finest.

The honesty and rawness of the emotions Eminem expresses throughout the album give every single a unique beat and feel.

Tracks like “Good Guy, Nice Guy and Kamikaze” Eminem expresses how the nice guy doesn’t always win in life, and thats the reason for his shade towards certain fans and rappers who have put him down for being out of the spotlight for so long.

“The Ringer” is a great opening to the album. Eminem delivers one of his strongest and most abrasive performances to date. Eminem’s delivery and writing skills still surpass any other MC, rapper or song writer in the music game because of his realism with what he’s going through and thinking.

Even if the topics are controversial, it’s what Eminem is all about and why we love him. He is the guy who says what we are all thinking but too afraid to share out loud.

Eminem is a genius at telling the truth and expressing his real emotions through his lyrics.

Venom, which is the last single that closes out the album, has a great beat to it that you can’t get out of your head and the lyrics are written beautifully. We’ve all had venom towards people at one point or another or others have had “venom” or envious thoughts about us. Again, I think the raw of emotions of this album are what makes it a hit. Who would the real slim shady be if he didnt throw some shade at his haters!

Eminem really knows how to relate his lyrics with all the songs on the album to what’s going on in our society today, whether its covering racisim, hate, politics, sexuality, gender crisis and more, and I really believe whether we agree with him or not, he makes certain points on this album that help us understand where he and others are coming from. As an artist Eminem makes it noted that he is only human, adding commentary to daily societal problems we’ll all face time and time again.

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