Cardi B vs. Nicki Minaj At Harper Bazaar

Cardi B vs. Nicki Minaj At Harper Bazaar 

Posted: 12:19 am Saturday, September 8th, 2018

By ovictoria

Harper Bazaar bash was more than just an event during New York Fashion Week. The event featured Cardi B in an altercation with Nicki Minaj. Part of the feud was filmed that showed that tempers, as well as shoes, were flying.

Many people at the event took to Twitter about the battle between Nicki and Cardi.

Cardi’s shoe was more than just a heel, this red, chunky heel was the star of the altercation. This shoe was flung at Nicki Minaj and luckily it missed her.

People are comparing the exchange to when President Bush almost had a shoe thrown at him.

More details are emerging including a photo of Cardi B with a bump on her forehead, but what are your thoughts on the fight? Let me know @ovictoriamedia on Twitter!


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