My Parents Threw Me The COOLEST 21st Birthday Party!!

My Parents Threw Me The COOLEST 21st Birthday Party!! 

Posted: 6:21 pm Friday, September 14th, 2018

By ovictoria

It’s officially my 21st birthday and my parents were cool AND kind enough to throw me the SICKEST surprise party ever! Oh and the theme… LOUIS VUITTON! 


The night was full of music, laughs, and of course a roast from my brother ! As someone who truly values my time with friends and family, it meant the world to me to have so much love in one room! But but but.. the true icing on the cake was… the legit ICING ON THE CAKE! 

My friends Tom and Joe over at Torta Fina in Babylon made me the most incredible Louis Vuitton cake I’ve ever seen in my life! And I’ve seen a lot of Louis Vuitton cakes!


The Red Velvet inside was so delicious I’m crying just thinking about it. If you’re in Babylon then you have GOT TO stop into Torta Fina and get yourself (and me of course) a pastry…. or a full on cake. I won’t stop you from getting both 😍

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