Prepare Your Tissues For The “Happier” Music Video!

Prepare Your Tissues For The “Happier” Music Video! 

Posted: 12:56 pm Tuesday, September 25th, 2018

By ovictoria

Marshmello released the music video for “Happier” featuring Bastille!

The video shows the story of a girl who finds happiness within her dog when life gets a bit rough, no pun intended! No spoilers on the video but fair warning it may make you cry! The music video features a very adorable golden retriever and Miranda Cosgrove, famous for iCarly and Drake and Josh! She tweeted out her excitement for the music video release.

After seeing this music video, I couldn’t help but cry! I like the incorporation of the Marshmello logo on the balloon and jersey. I think this song and the music video are both a great work of art! This is one of my favorite collaborations of 2018! If you’re an animal lover, you should DEFINITELY grab a tissue box, snuggle up next to your animal, and watch this video!

Grab yourself a box of tissues and watch the music video for “Happier” and let us know what you think of the music video on Twitter at @1061BLI or my Twitter @ovictoriamedia.


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