4 Easy Ways to Use Less Plastic

4 Easy Ways to Use Less Plastic 

Posted: 11:03 am Friday, September 28th, 2018

By alexafilipe

Recently I have been searching for ways to create less waste. Plastic, in particular, is something that we use on the daily and throw away without the slightest care. Throughout the day, I noticed that I use an abundance of plastic bags and straws- all things that we can easily replace with reusable items! Because, seriously, using all that plastic not only unnecessary, but also dangerous for the environment.

As a solution, I discovered 4 Easy Ways to Use Less Plastic in my life. Making these four simple changes to your lifestyle can help save you loads of cash and the environment.


#1. Use more Tupperware!

I know, I know. This seems like the most obvious tip I could give you. But honestly, keeping snacks and lunches in reusable, washable containers has totally helped me save money and produce less waste. Instead of using Ziploc bags for snacks and just throwing them away, I now can just wash my tupperware and use it again the next day! Yes, the tupperware can still be plastic, but it’s something that you can wash over and over again! If plastic tupperware still feels like a waste to you, there are many steel, bamboo, and glass containers you can purchase as well!



#2. Ditch those plastic straws, buy metal ones!

Plastic straw usage has been a hot topic in the news lately, so you probably are already aware of this, but I really do think it’s worth mentioning again. I like to drink my iced coffee with a straw in the morning, so instead of using plastic, I purchased a pack of metal straws. I clean them with a pipe-cleaner that was included in the pack and I get to use them as many times as I’d like! It was a one-time purchase and honestly, beverages taste way better through metal than plastic.



#3. Reusable produce bags!

Reusable shopping bags definitely are helpful in reducing plastic waste, but have you ever thought about how much plastic is wasted on those produce bags? Along with those shopping bags, take reusable produce bags with you to the grocery store so you can buy your fruits and veggies without wasting plastic. These reusable produce bags weigh virtually nothing so it won’t effect how much your spending on your produce. They are washable and inexpensive! Another one-time purchase that you can use for a super long time.



#4. Bring your own cutlery to work!

If you’re bringing your own lunch to work, you might as well bring your own fork too! This one is super easy, you really only have to keep it in a cloth or something so that it doesn’t get dirty in your bag!



Even just the smallest changes in behavior have the power to effect the world for the better! I hope that, through this post, you were able to see that every little thing counts and that we can really make a positive change without doing very much!

Hope you find these tips worthwhile and that you give them a shot!

Thanks for reading!


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